Online Course

How is the course:
Remotely, via the Internet in the evening.
8 days for 3 hours.

If you do not get to attend the seminar, you can listen to the seminar in the recording at any time convenient for you.

Theoretical information is accompanied by practical analysis of cases from practice.
During the training, participants can ask questions about their illnesses and illnesses of their relatives.

The course is intended for those:

  • Who wants to heal the homeopathy of himself and his family on his own,
  • Who do not want to be treated more with traditional medicines,
    Who wants to eliminate the cause of the disease, rather than eliminate the symptoms,
  • Who wants to heal the body as a whole, using the defenses of the body

As a result of training:
You will compose suitable schemes for emergency care in acute cases


Training program

1 day:
Principles of homeopathic treatment, prescribing drugs and choosing potencies. Miasmas, nosodes.
Treatment of influenza, acute acute situations with high temperature. Treatment of bronchitis, acute respiratory infections, ARVI, prevention, treatment of colds when entering the disease, to quickly stop it. Treatment of runny nose.

Day 2:
Continued treatment of bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, cough of any etiology. Treatment of the consequences of vaccinations and prevention of possible complications after vaccinations.

Day 3:
Treatment of angina, diphtheria

Day 4:
Treatment of asthmatic diseases, heart attacks.

Day 5:
Treatment of burns, wounds, fractures, eye injuries, dentistry

Day 6:
Treatment of furuncles, abscesses, suppuration

Day 7:
Treatment of poisoning, diarrhea, intolerance to mother’s milk in infants, diarrhea with teething in infants, treatment of worms, infant practice.

Day 8:
Treatment of renal colic, removal of binge from alcoholics and withdrawal from the acute condition of drug addicts, treatment of pre-examination fears. Patient interview scheme.